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Preassembled Power Connectors Preassembled Power Connectors

Power cordsets from Murrelektronik make connecting motors child's play.

Sidst ændret:   26. april 2017

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Profibus Connection Technology Profibus Connection Technology

Plug & Play

Sidst ændret:   30. april 2014

Filtype og størrelse:   pdf, 3.0 MB

Profibus DP Repeater Profibus DP Repeater

Flexible and Longer PROFIBUS Installations

Sidst ændret:   06. februar 2014

Filtype og størrelse:   pdf, 225.8 KB

Safe shutdown Safe shutdown

With MVK and MVP12 galvanically separated

Sidst ændret:   16. november 2016

Filtype og størrelse:   pdf, 620.9 KB

Safety Technology Safety Technology

Protection for Man and Machine

Sidst ændret:   03. december 2018

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Sectors & market Segments Sectors & market Segments

The pioneering products from Murrelektronik are exactly tailored in detail to the needs of these industrial sectors: Automotive, Food & Beverage, Mobile Applications, Storage & Logistics, Robotics or Machine Tools

Sidst ændret:   03. juni 2019

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Protocol change with a flick of the wrist

Sidst ændret:   20. april 2018

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Suppression For Machine Safety Suppression For Machine Safety

Professional System Design Acc. To EN ISO 13849

Sidst ændret:   06. februar 2014

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Suppressor Modules For Motors Suppressor Modules For Motors

Efficient Suppression, Avoid Coil Short Circuits, Reduce Voltage Peaks

Sidst ændret:   11. februar 2014

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Suppressors For Contactors Suppressors For Contactors

Suppression Solutions For Motors, Valves And Other Inductive Loads.

Sidst ændret:   06. februar 2014

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