Press Releases

18. nov 2016

Extremely reliable, extraordinarily efficient

Murrelektronik's Emparro® 3-phase switch mode power supplies are tried and tested components in premium power supply systems. They are extremely reliable, extraordinarily efficient and particularly compact. The latest Emparro® version has been designed for use in AS interface applications with an operating voltage of 30.5 V.

Murrelektronik offers an extensive product line for high-performance AS interface systems including a variety of IO modules, the perfectly matching connection technology and gateways for embedding in master fieldbus systems. The Emparro® switch mode power supply for AS interface applications rounds off this portfolio.

The use of three phases brings about a considerable simplification as the structure becomes more transparent. Three-phase switch mode power supplies are thus very attractive for AS interface applications and Emparro® is the clear first choice.

Because Emparro® provides an MTBF value of approximately 1,000,000 hours. A gas discharge tube protects the switching power supply from interfering pulses up to 6 kV. An efficiency rating of not less than 92.5 percent reduces power loss. In the case of an error, the corresponding information can be transferred to the controller via an alarm contact.

The Emparro® 3-phase switching power supply for AS interface applications offers the same high efficiency as all the other Emparro® switching power supplies. It has a built-in power reserve. A direct benefit for electrical engineers: If additional loads have to be connected to a machine or a system, the Emparro® 3-phase power supply offers the required reserve.

An advantage in the installation: The Emparro® 3-phase for AS interface applications is extremely compact and only occupies 50 mm on the DIN rail. Push-in connection terminals make connecting cable installation tool-free.
No separate decoupling component is required since the Emparro® 3-phase switching power supplies for AS interface applications separate data from power.