Logistic and Handling

25. aug 2011

Non-Contact Energy Transfer

AGV (automated guided vehicle) systems manufactured by Kirchgässner, a company that is located in Binau near Mosbach in Baden-Württemberg, are very common in the automotive industry. They are used for the assembly of heavy truck engines.

The engines are driven through the production lines by Kirchgässer’s AGVs and then assembled. During each step of the assembly, the motors are turned to the most convenient position.

A special feature is the non-contact energy transfer of the Kirchgässner equipment. Direct current of 500 V is induced via two loops that are installed in the production hall. This current supplies Murrelektronik’s Evolution 20 A power supply unit that is integrated into the AGV. The AGVs wouldn’t be so useful if it wasn’t for this key Murrelektronik product. The power supply unit converts the input voltage into 24 V DC voltage that is required for operating the AGV. This power supply method is free from wear and does not require maintenance. Furthermore, the systems don’t need either need C-tracks or busbars. Another integrated Murrelektronik component is MICO, the intelligent power distribution module.

The AGV systems are a great success for Kirchgässer. They received orders for 147 units that will be supplied to Daimler in Mannheim, to FUSO in Japan and to Detroit in the U.S.A.