Logistic and Handling

29. jul 2010

Cube67+ Now Available for Profinet IO

With the ongoing trend to use Ethernet based fieldbus systems Murrelektronik’s Cube67+ bus node is now also available for Profinet IO providing even more flexibility in decentralized installations.

The bus node features an integrated switch for daisy chaining the Profinet connection. It makes it possible to structure the fieldbus in linear topology with several Cube67+ Profinet bus nodes. Compared to a star topology, the linear structure offers more design options and reduces wiring efforts during installation.

Murrelektronik expands its reliable Cube67 system with the innovative Cube67+ bus node. No matter what the application, enjoy even more optimized solutions for fieldbus installations. Up to two times 32 modules can be connected to just one bus node.  Installations can cover long distances, cable lengths of up to two times 30 meters can be implemented. The Cube67 modules can be installed at any position along the hybrid cable and the energy supply can simply be daisy chained at the bus node.

Even with respect to diagnostics, Cube67+ is setting new standards. Integrated electronics check the outgoing system connection cables for short-circuits and overloads. If an M12 connector is under excessive load, an early warning notice is given. In case a permissible limit is exceeded, the line will be switched off. A red diagnostic LED at the affected system connection cable indicates the error. Additionally, the bus node sends a diagnostic message to the control. The segments can be reactivated from the control via the fieldbus.

Cube67+ features significant advantages for standard machine manufacturers. Differing software versions and documentations for different machines have always been annoying. With the machine option management integrated in Cube67+, only one software and one documentation have to be maintained. Now create one configuration that maps the full configuration of the machine for all hardware versions. Depending on which Cube67 modules are required for the respective machine, they can be conveniently activated or deactivated either from the control panel or from the operation panel.